About FollowUsernames All you need to know about us

The idea of FollowUsernames came in late February 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, when I was looking to follow thought leaders on Snapchat but was really struggling finding their usernames. Once I had selected a few accounts by searching on Twitter or Quora, I didn't know which one would be the most interesting to watch and interact with on a daily basis. There were too many of them. Hence, I needed to create a powerful tool to find Snapchat leaders, select them, and rate them. I started to create a few prototypes and showed them to my flatmates. I received positive feedback, it was great, even awesome. But I wasn't satisfied. I wasn't solving THE issue every user was facing with Snapchat.

I love Snapchat. I really love the app and use it every day. But Snapchat is only meant to be used with your closest friends. That's a pain point.

But I was looking for something bigger. I wanted to interact with the world and see what was going on around me. When I'm in San Francisco, I want to see who are the influencers there and follow their stories. When I was in Amsterdam for The Next Web Conference in May 2016, I wanted to know which influencers were around, follow them and interact with them. I want to use Snapchat to connect easily with other like-minded people. The purpose of Snapchat is to let you connect with your closest friends and my purpose is to connect you to the best people around the world.

I launched the website in beta on the 3rd of July 2016. I would be glad to hear all your suggestions about how I should grow this website in the future.

Keep in touch on Twitter: @yliasM.